June 2023


Rug Trends Of Summer 2023 To Try At Your House!

We all know how area rug investments can often be pretty expensive, which is why no one wants to purchase a rug that’s in vogue today but will likely be out of style in a couple of years.

Rug trends certainly do come and go, but there are some awesome trends in today’s rug marketplace that homeowners should take seriously. Whether it’s trends within materials, textures or colors, there have been plenty of innovations in recent years that are revolutionizing how people decorate their floors.

The industry specialists at Rug Source have one of the very best online rug marketplaces throughout the United States, and their team has helped us create this article oriented around the latest rug trends for Summer 2023.

So take it from the rug experts in that the below trends could be great ideas to try out at your house!

Alternative Natural Rug Fibers

Although wool and cotton rugs have always been popular, there are some other natural rug fibers that are currently growing in popularity this year. Some of these fibers include sisal, bamboo and jute, and these fibers are also a growing trend due to people’s proclivity towards purchasing rugs that are great in high-traffic areas.

Although these rugs may require a little bit more maintenance and cleaning attention as compared to their synthetic counterparts, most homeowners will only need to vacuum about 1-2 times per week. However, every rug is different, so it’s important for rug owners to read their product’s maintenance recommendations and hold to them.

But there’s absolutely no denying how rug shoppers are straying away from conventional, natural rug fibers and choosing alternative fibers in large numbers!

Oriental Influences Within Contemporary Rug Styles

Oriental rugs have been popular for centuries, but a lot of rug shoppers have been choosing more tamed-down, modern styles in recent years. Modern, contemporary rugs tend to be easier to decorate with, as compared to flamboyant Oriental rugs, but now rug shoppers are getting the best of both worlds with contemporary rug styles incorporating Oriental influences.

So you can now get a very resistant, durable area rug that looks Oriental in design, but isn’t quite as loud as traditional Oriental styles. This new hybrid style is incredibly versatile as well, and these rugs can be placed just about anywhere within your home!

Bold Rug Colors

Rug shoppers aren’t just choosing neutral colors anymore, and bold rug colors are officially in vogue as homeowners everywhere are choosing to make their area rugs statement pieces that attract attention within a room’s ambience.

Vibrant colors are getting people out of their comfort zones and truly expressing themselves in unique ways, and this rug trend often incorporates large geometric shapes and eye-catching colors that simply cannot be paralleled.

So if you’re currently thinking about making your new area rug the centerpiece of your room, don’t let your imagination be weighed down!

Non-Traditional Rug Shapes

The entire rug industry has adopted the general concept that area rugs are supposed to be rectangular in shape, but this is starting to change in 2023. Today, rug shoppers will have many non-traditional rug shapes to consider.

Some of the most popular, irregular rug shapes include round, triangular, or completely customized rug shapes. Rugs simply aren’t just coming in traditional shapes anymore, and this is opening up all sorts of doors for shoppers everywhere.

Contact The Rug Source Specialists To Learn More About 2023’s Latest Industry Trends!

There are plenty of awesome rug industry trends that are growing in popularity this year, and the above trends are just the beginning in terms of how much things are changing for rug shoppers everywhere.

Rug Source has one of the biggest online area rug inventories in the country, and you can speak directly with their team by going to the link at the top of the page that goes to their homepage!

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The Most Common Kitchen Plumbing Problems

The kitchen is often referred to as the heart of the home, where families gather to prepare and enjoy meals together. However, since this room sees frequent use, it is prone to various plumbing problems that can disrupt daily routines. Ignoring these issues may lead to a more extensive, costlier kitchen plumbing repair in Northglenn. This blog will discuss the most common kitchen plumbing problems, their causes, and how to address them.

Clogged Sinks

One of the most common kitchen plumbing problems is a clogged sink, which can cause standing water and an unpleasant smell. The causes of this issue range from food particles to soap scum to grease buildup in the pipes. To unclog a sink, you can use chemical drain cleaners that come in liquid or powder form. Alternatively, you could use a plunger or snake auger tool. If these methods don’t work, it is time to call your local plumbing contractor for help with more serious clogs.

Leaking Pipes

Another common problem found in kitchen plumbing is leaking pipes. This could be due to wear and tear over time, corrosion of metal pipes, or loose connections. Leaking pipes can majorly contribute to water waste and increase utility bills. As soon as you notice any signs of leaking, address this issue immediately by either tightening the connection or replacing the pipe.

Low Water Pressure

If your kitchen sink has weak water pressure, there could be several potential causes for this problem. To begin with, you should check if all valves are completely open and remove any aerators clogged with debris or old sediment. It’s also possible that mineral buildup in the pipes could be restricting the flow of water. If these solutions don’t work, then it’s time to call an emergency plumber for help.

Additional tips:

  1. Regularly clean your drains to avoid clogs and odors.
  2. Inspect hoses and faucets for signs of wear and tear, and replace them if necessary.
  3. Install a water filter to reduce the risk of mineral buildup in the pipes.
  4. Check for any visible damage or leaks around the perimeter of your kitchen sink periodically to catch problems early on before they get worse over time.

By taking proactive steps, such as performing regular maintenance tasks, you can help prevent major plumbing issues in your kitchen––and save yourself from costly repairs down the line! If you are unsure about how to address a particular plumbing problem or think it may be beyond your DIY skills, it is always best to call a qualified plumbing contractor to help you out. Consult the pros now!

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